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Portrait of Sean Potts

Hi! My name is Sean. I have been involved in designing and developing websites professionally since 2008, but my interest in the web goes far back to the late ’90s. I would hunch over my sister’s HTML For Dummies book for hours while creating my first website, which was, appropriate for the time, about Pokémon. Back then the web was a very different place. It was full of endless amounts of markup, a lack of tabbed browsing, and smartphones were a long way off.

In today’s development landscape I prefer a clean, minimalist and mobile-first approach for web applications. My methodology includes a strong penchant for making components small, flexible, maintainable, well documented and easy to use and understand by clients and developers alike. From design phase to functional and accessible applications I have the skills to provide users with great web experiences.

Apart from website development and design I spend much of my time playing acoustic guitar and Counter-Strike. I read a lot of books, go running and travel to new places to experience different cultures and foods whenever I can. So far poronkäristys, 비빔밥 and مسمن are my favourites, but I can’t say the same for salmiakki or 곱창.

Aim for places we’ve not been. Trample paths that go between yesterday’s foundations and tomorrow.


Frantic (Opens in new window)
September 2014 → Present

After visiting Finland in 2014 I decided to see if I had what it took to direct my career path into an unexpected direction. I applied to Frantic and after a few emails and phone calls they offered me the opportunity to join their design and development family. After getting a residence permit I was on my way to what would soon become known as the happiest country in the world.

My responsibilities within Frantic have historically favoured developing with WordPress, Gatsby and Contentful, but a few unique cases have also come up throughout the years. Without a doubt most of my growth as a web developer has occurred during my years at Frantic.

Frantic was acquired by Geniem Oy in 2022 which was soon followed by the creation of Hion Digital (Opens in new window).

Qualifications & Skills

  • 15+ years of professional experience in the website development and design industry.
  • Global Elite ranked with HTML, CSS, SASS/SCSS, TailwindCSS, and many other styling frameworks.
  • Jedi Knight at developing websites with WordPress, Hugo, Gatsby, Jekyll and Contentful.
  • Borg perfection inspired skills with JavaScript, jQuery, Angular, React and PHP.
  • Dwarven craftsmanship of mobile responsive web development.
  • Elven-wise in sustainable web development practices.
  • Vulcan tempered logic when meticulously developing applications with optimised accessibility and usability for users with disabilities.
  • Vorlon eternality in fastidious web application testing and debugging.
  • Hero of Time with Git and version control systems.
  • Kwisatz Haderach with Figma, Sketch and the Adobe Creative Cloud.
  • Istari focused studiousness for search engine optimisation.