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Asintay German Shepherds

  • Framework: WordPress
  • Location: Southeast Alberta
  • History: Freelance

The website for Asintay German Shepherds was the first WordPress website I created. It was originally designed and developed by myself while working at Memory Lane Computers(Opens in new window) and later redeveloped under my freelance business. Over the years the website had evolved a number of times and served as a number of learning experiences about web development, WordPress and business in general.

Asintay German Shepherds website

The owner, Les, is an easy going and dedicated gentleman with a passion for breeding and raising German Shepherds. Not only did I get to showcase his passion but I also had the fun of working with many pictures of puppies!

While the website was online it provided a plethora of information for the German Shepherds that have come into the care of Les. Each dog had a gallery associated with it as well as links to their Pedigrees, giving dog enthusiasts a full history of each bow-wow.

Unfortunately the Asintay German Shepherds website is no longer online ;~;