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Emily Davis Music

  • Framework: Hugo
  • Location: El Paso, Texas
  • History: Freelance

Emily Davis is a singer-songwriter from El Paso, Texas. She is without a doubt best known for her Bad Religion acoustic covers(Opens in new window) through which she has racked up over 3.5 million views on YouTube. Along with that she also has a couple of great solo albums (especially her Dark Matter album!) to call her own.

Emily Davis Music website

Complete with lyrics, the website offers embedded songs from her albums for users to listen to while they browse. The website offers links to her YouTube(Opens in new window) and Soundcloud(Opens in new window) for a complete list of original songs and covers. In the past she has participated in Bad Religion Day - an unofficial day of celebration for Bad Religion fans - which was where she and I met. Now we’re totally best friends.

More than a singer-songwriter, Emily is also a fantastic voice actor. When we play League of Legends together she will often pull very convincing Teemo(Opens in new window) or Teen Girl Squad(Opens in new window) voices out of the blue. Sadly, she doesn’t care much for Taric and his truly, truly outrageous gems.

Since its inception the website has gone through a series of incarnations, from WordPress to Jekyll, and most recently to Hugo. In its current form a strong emphasis has been placed on accessibility and usability. Gone are the days of hovering on divs or list items to view sub menus!

Visit Emily Davis Music(Opens in new window)