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Solar Foods

  • Type: WordPress
  • Location: Lappeenranta, Finland
  • History: Frantic

Solar Foods is a progressive venture based in the city of Lappeenranta with goals to produce protein based food out of thin air to combat the overuse and overharvesting of typical food production methods. As someone who eats far less meat than they used to this was definitely an interesting case.

Solar Foods website

Solar Foods was designed by SEK(Opens in new window) in Finland and developed by Frantic(Opens in new window) using WordPress. It was a unique project in that it was be hosted through the client’s own services which required going back to the basics of a more simplified development flow that allowed for a more flexible deployment process. While there weren’t any fancy bells and whistles in the way of buildpacks or deployment compilings it was almost blissful to have a more streamlined and direct approach to developing website components. We also worked in using TailwindCSS(Opens in new window) which made development a breeze.

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